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Acoustic Isolation Solutions for Precision Microscopy

Herzan acoustic enclosures have become the chosen solution for hundreds of AFMs and SPMs world wide, providing exceptional acoustic isolation in the nosiest environments. Whenever a high-precision microscope is bombarded with disruptive acoustic noise, researchers and instrument manufacturers alike can rely on Herzan's range of acoustic enclosures to help maximize their data quality through carefully selected and highly engineered acoustic control techniques.

Herzan acoustic enclosures come in many standard form factors and designs to meet the varying formats of labs across the world. Through two decades of studying customer requirements for acoustic isolation, Herzan has designed an enclosure to meet any type of instrument or application. Herzan acoustic enclosure types include: workstation acoustic enclosures, desktop acoustic enclosures, paneled/modular acoustic enclosures, custom acoustic enclosures and more!

Workstation Acoustic Enclosures

When a customer is needing maximum acoustic isolation performance and prefers to operate at a standalone workstation, the AEK-2002, NanoVault, and AEK-2011, are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide broadband acoustic attenuation, they are designed specifically to maximize the utility of any acoustically sensitive instrumentation by shielding them from ambient acoustic noise.

Desktop Acoustic Enclosures

When lab space is limited and the available space to operate a microscope cannot be expanded, the Silencer desktop acoustic enclosure is the perfect fit. With a form factor suited for compact microscopes and a design fit to adapt to existing lab spaces, the Silencer desktop acoustic enclosure provides high performance acoustic isolation at an affordable price.

High-Access Acoustic Enclosures

When complex instrument set ups or multiple instrument configurations are being used, researchers need space and access to operate efficiently. To meet this need, the Crypt acoustic enclosure delivers 180 degree access to the instrument while delivering superior acoustic attenuation for any application.

Custom Acoustic Enclosures

Outside of the standard features found in all Herzan acoustic enclosures, there are custom upgrades available to help provide the perfect solution for any stringent research requirement. From custom sizes and form factors, to variable mounting systems and shelving, Herzan has the expertise to overcome even the most difficult engineering and design challenges for acoustic isolation systems. Herzan acoustic enclosures have been proven to deliver excellent attenuation at both high and low frequencies, optimizing the design and material inside every enclosure to achieve peerless acoustic isolation for precision research instruments.

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