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Solutions from the Leader in SPM Acoustic Isolation

Herzan acoustic hood and enclosure systems have become the SPM - AFM industry's choice for exceptional acoustic isolation. Whenever a precision research instrument is bombarded with disruptive acoustic noise, researchers and instrument manufacturers alike can rely on Herzan's range of acoustic enclosure and soundproof hood products for effective acoustic control.

As a solutions provider to the precision research market, Herzan continues to offer a myriad of customizable acoustic enclosure features available to all Herzan enclosures, continuing the legacy of being exceptionally customizable, accessible, and affordable.

For two decades, Herzan has provided clients in the precision research market with high quality enclosures and sound isolation solutions for a wide variety of applications and noise level requirements. The technology behind Herzan's AEK Series of acoustic enclosure systems was originally developed in Japan, and refined over the past 15 years through close collaboration with atomic force microscope (AFM) companies. This has enabled the company to develop high performance solutions with excellent usability features that cover the specialized needs of high precision research organizations.

Herzan also offers customized acoustic hood products, enclosures, and other environmental isolation solutions built to customer specifications. From custom sizes and form factors, to variable mounting systems and shelving, Herzan has the expertise to overcome even the most difficult engineering and design challenges for acoustic isolation systems. Herzan acoustic enclosures have been proven to deliver excellent attenuation at both high and low frequencies, optimizing the design and material inside every enclosure to achieve peerless acoustic isolation for precision research instruments.

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