Let Us Take Care of the Install. Herzan offers installation support services for end users who want to ensure the setup of their environmental isolation system goes off without a hitch. When a customer purchases installation services, a Herzan representative will arrive onsite once the environmental isolation system has arrived to ensure the setup and operation of the system is successful. There are two primary installation service opportunities available: 1) AVI-400/600 platform installation and 2) Scanning electron microscope acoustic enclosure installation. If any of these services are of interest, let your local Herzan representative know and he will include them in your quote!

AVI Platform Installation Services

The following is included with AVI Platform installation services:AVI-400 MP Active Vibration Isolation Platform Supporting an FEI Quanta 650 FEG SEM

  • Placement of system
  • Adjustment for load
  • Operation verification
  • Tutorial on use of system

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Please note: Standard AVI installation services do not include special equipment for lifting the instrument. If this equipment is required, please notify your local Herzan sales representative and they will include the Herzan Lifting Mechanism in your quote.

Throughout the installation process, the AVI Platform Installation Sign-Off Document must be completed and signed to confirm the successful completion of the installation. Download the provided PDF and have it available upon the arrival of your local Herzan representative.

Acoustic Enclosure Installation Services

The following is included with acoustic enclosure installation services:SEM-Acoustic-Enclosure---45-Degrees-Cropped-300px

  • Crating/uncrating of enclosure
  • Transportation to final destination
  • Installation of all features/add-ons
  • Operation verification
  • Tutorial on use of system