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Herzan specializes in offering custom solutions to researchers with individual requirements not addressed by standard solutions. We work closely with customers to ensure all facets of their application are taken into consideration, to ensure they achieve their research goals without compromising on features, performance, or form factor.

NDW-SS-Workstation---Cropped---600pxCustom Vibration Isolation Platforms

Herzan’s vibration isolation platforms allow for a broad range of customizations when needed. Whether it is an AVI platform needing to be placed into a false-floor (requiring a custom built frame), or a NDW workstation being installed into a Class 10 cleanroom (requiring specific compatibility features), any vibration isolation platform offered by Herzan can be customized to solve unique challenges.

In addition to modifying existing vibration isolation platforms, completely custom solutions are also available and Herzan’s engineers are happy to work on a project that is tailored to your individual research goals.

Custom-Desktop-Acoustic-Enclosure-300pxCustom Acoustic Enclosures

Not all instruments and applications fit neatly in Herzan’s standard acoustic enclosures, which is why great effort has been made to enable researchers the ability to custom design their acoustic enclosure. In doing so, researchers are no longer forced to compromise their research goals by being able to tailor an enclosure to their individual needs.

Whether customizations range from unique sizes, form factors, or performance offered, Herzan’s engineers are happy to tackle any research project that aids in your research plan.

Custom R&D Projects

If your application requires something beyond the scope of Herzan’s standard products don’t worry! Present them to the engineering team and they will be happy to assess how they can help. Whether it is assisting with a design concept or consulting on a project relating to vibration, acoustic, or EMI noise, a Herzan engineer will happy to lend their expertise to help solve a problem.

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