Understand Your Environment

Herzan site survey tools offer researchers the opportunity to understand their environment prior to installing a new instrument or sensitive piece of equipment. Gaining this knowledge saves time and money as preventative measures can be taken to resolve erratic vibration, acoustic, or EMI noise in the environment. Retrofitting an environmental isolation solution often requires more money and time than planning a head of time, which is why it is a good practice to understand the environment you will be operating in prior to installation.

Herzan offers a complete site survey tool (the WaveCatcher) that measures vibration, acoustic, and EMI noise, as well as a dedicated triple-axis vibration sensor (VA-2) for researchers to use in understanding present vibration levels in the environment.

WaveCatcher-Site-Survey-Kit---Open-1440PXCompact and Complete Site Survey Tools

The WaveCatcher provides a solution to the common complaint of site survey analysis being too expensive and inaccessible to the common user. Designed as a mobile survey tool, the WaveCatcher is able to provide complete site survey analysis and maintain the mobility of a common suitcase. With intuitive software allowing for full programmable detail, the WaveCatcher provides a swift and effective solution to vibration, acoustic, and EMI analysis.

Comprehensive Triple-Axis Vibration Sensor

The VA-2 is a dedicated vibration sensor that can connect to a variety of input devices (including the WaveCatcher) for researchers to understand their environment along the various modes of vibration noise (displacement, velocity, and acceleration). The VA-2 incorporates the same sensory technology as Herzan’s active vibration isolation platforms (AVI and TS Series), meaning the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of the VA-2 is proven to be effective for a wide range of research applications.

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