AVI-200-Platform-Dual-Module---Cropped-600pxThe AVI Series is a leading solution in low-frequency vibration isolation, however, customer applications are not only encumbered by vibration noise alone. The utility of the AVI Series allows customers to address multiple research requirements at once, offering the best overall solution to get the best results out of your instrument.

Each upgrade is optional and can be tailored to fit specific research requirements. If there are desirable upgrade features of the AVI Series not listed below, please let us know and we will be happy to custom design a solution relevant to your application requirements.

AVI Series Upgrades

LFS-System---Front---LFS-3-1500pxLFS System

The LFS System is a complementary low-frequency vibration isolation upgrade to the AVI Series, enabling the platform to isolate vibrations (X, Y, and Z) at 0.5 Hz, marking a significant improvement in the sub-hertz frequency bandwidth. The LFS System is versatile in its applicability and is

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compatible with all AVI-200, AVI-400, and AVI-600 LP Series platforms. The LFS System can be retrofitted into existing AVI Series platforms or installed alongside new AVI Series platforms (within minutes), making it a universal tool for researchers finding themselves in environments with substantial low-frequency vibration noise.

To learn more about the technology behind the LFS System, download the LFS System data sheet or LFS System product manual.

Active-NanoDamp-Workstation-transparentWorkstation Integration

Due to the modular and scalable form factor of the AVI Series, workstation integration is seamless and popular among users who prefer to perform their research on a workstation. The NDW-A Series is the culmination of the AVI Series being paired with a workstation frame, which can be modified or adapted as needed to individual research requirements.

AEK-2002-+-AVI-200S-600pxAcoustic Enclosure Integration

When paired with an acoustic enclosure, the AVI Series offers comprehensive protection against acoustic and vibration noise, enabling researchers to perform precise measurements in a quiet environment. Compatible with both desktop and workstation acoustic enclosures, the AVI Series delivers unmatched versatility for a wide range of instruments and applications.

AVI200M with topplateCustom Top Plate Sizes & Materials

Due to the modular form factor of the AVI Series platform, it is common for end users to pair the system with a top plate, which will directly interface with their instrument. The AVI Series can work with any material type, as long as the material is rigid and flat. Common materials used with the AVI Series platform include: damped aluminum, granite block, breadboard, drilled and tapped plate, and more.

AVI-400-Rack-Mountable-Controller---300pxRack Mountable Controller

Rack mount controllers are an easy upgrade for the AVI Series platform when users have a confined working area and are utilizing a rack for organizing their existing instrumentation. Using the standard 19″ rack size, the AVI Series can seamlessly integrate into existing instrument setups, saving valuable lab space.

Exciter Box Pic EditedShaker Integration (Exciter Box)

The Exciter Box (when paired with a sine wave generator) allows an excitation signal to be applied to any AVI Series platform, transforming the platform into a multi-directional shaker (X, Y, and Z). The excitation directions are easily modified using the mode switch function on the front of the exciter box and can be disabled when the platform needs to be used as an active vibration isolation platform.