Protect Your Microscope from Disruptive Acoustic Noise

Researchers select Herzan acoustic enclosures for their unparalleled acoustic isolation performance, ease of customization, and positive recommendations from colleagues. Herzan enclosures represent over 20 years of proven and thoughtful design, focused on user’s application needs. With 100s of enclosures worldwide, Herzan uniquely understands how to best attenuate noise and help microscopes meet specification in difficult environments.

Herzan’s enclosures center around four main designs:

Desktop Acoustic Enclosures

Herzan desktop acoustic enclosures are effective, portable, and easily customizable.

Desktop acoustic enclosures are ideal for space/budget-limited applications, where maximum acoustic isolation is needed. The compact, portable form-factor is popular among AFMs, SPMs, and other small-scale microscopes.

The Silencer is Herzan’s premier desktop acoustic enclosure, designed to incorporate active or passive vibration control tables, including bungee-based isolation. Furthermore, the Silencer is Herzan’s most customized enclosure, with unique sizes, upgrades, and form factors available.

Workstation Acoustic Enclosures

Workstations are prevalent throughout research laboratories and R&D facilities, becoming the preferred working environment for microscopes. As a result, Herzan designed many of its enclosures to adapt to workstations, delivering optimal form and function for researchers.

Herzan workstation enclosures vary in terms of features and size, designed to support microscopes of many different sizes and styles. The enclosure best suited for a researcher is one that fits the microscopes size and accessibility requirements.

Paneled Acoustic Enclosures (SEMs)

Advancements in scanning electron microscopes make them more susceptible to acoustic noise. However, due to their size, heat generation, and form factor, enclosing them can be challenging.

Herzan is proud to meet the challenge and provide effective and custom enclosures for SEM users needing absolute protection from all forms of noise.

Custom Acoustic Enclosures

Herzan acoustic enclosures can be easily customized to meet every application need.

Outside of the standard features found in all Herzan acoustic enclosures, there are custom upgrades available to help provide the perfect solution for any challenging research requirement. From custom sizes and form factors, to variable mounting systems and shelving, Herzan has the expertise to overcome even the most difficult engineering and design challenges for acoustic isolation systems. Herzan acoustic enclosures have been proven to deliver excellent attenuation at both high and low frequencies, optimizing the design and material inside every enclosure to achieve peerless acoustic isolation for precision research instruments.

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