Protect Your Microscope from Disruptive Acoustic Noise

Researchers choose Herzan acoustic enclosures for their unparalleled acoustic isolation performance, ease of customization, and recommendations from colleagues and manufacturers. Herzan enclosures represent over 20 years of proven and thoughtful design, focused on the needs of users. With 100s of enclosures in the field, Herzan understands what is needed to attenuate noise and help microscopes meet specification.

Herzan’s solutions center around four application types:

  • Desktop Acoustic Enclosures
  • Workstation Acoustic Enclosures
  • Modular/Paneled Acoustic Enclosures
  • Custom Acoustic Enclosures

Preview our solutions below and learn how we can protect your microscope from disruptive acoustic noise.

Desktop Acoustic Enclosures

Herzan desktop acoustic enclosures are effective, portable, and easily customizable.

Desktop acoustic enclosures are ideal for space or budget-limited applications, where researchers need acoustic isolation but do not have the space or budget for When lab space and budgets are limited, 

Additionally, the Silencer is Herzan’s most customized enclosure, with unique sizes, upgrades, and form factors available.

Workstation Acoustic Enclosures

Herzan's workstation acoustic enclosures come in many shapes and sizes to fit any research need.

When a customer is needing maximum acoustic isolation and prefers to operate at a standalone workstation, the AEK-2002,NanoVault, Crypt, and AEK-2011, are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide broadband acoustic attenuation, they are designed specifically to meet desirable form factors to help users focus on their research.

Each workstation enclosure has a unique features and can be customized to include a variety of upgrade features, including: temperature control, EMI shielding, performance upgrade, and more.

Paneled Acoustic Enclosures (SEMs)

Paneled acoustic enclosures from Herzan frequently protect scanning electron microscopes from disruptive lab noise.

Large instruments, such as scanning electron microscopes, make it difficult to be enclosed due to the nature of their size and form factor. While not commonly sensitive to acoustic noise (as a result of their construction), these instruments when placed in challenging environments require an acoustic enclosure to help maximize the resolution of their data.

To solve this problem, Herzan has developed an acoustic enclosure that can deliver top acoustic isolation performance for these instruments, while managing the need for accessibility and temperature management. These enclosures are most popular among scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscopes, but Herzan’s modular and paneled acoustic enclosures offer a solution to any instrument needing acoustic isolation that cannot fit into a confined enclosure .

Custom Acoustic Enclosures

Herzan acoustic enclosures can be easily customized to meet every application need.

Outside of the standard features found in all Herzan acoustic enclosures, there are custom upgrades available to help provide the perfect solution for any challenging research requirement. From custom sizes and form factors, to variable mounting systems and shelving, Herzan has the expertise to overcome even the most difficult engineering and design challenges for acoustic isolation systems. Herzan acoustic enclosures have been proven to deliver excellent attenuation at both high and low frequencies, optimizing the design and material inside every enclosure to achieve peerless acoustic isolation for precision research instruments.

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