The TS Series is a compact and seamless solution for sub-hertz vibration isolation. In addition to its leading low-frequency vibration isolation performance, the TS Series offers several upgrade features that expand its applicability to customer requirements outside of vibration isolation alone.

Each upgrade is optional and can be tailored to fit specific research requirements. If there are desirable upgrade features of the TS Series not listed below, please let us know and we will be happy to custom design a solution relevant to your application requirements.

TS Series Upgrades

TS-300-LT-Workstation-600pxWorkstation Integration

The TS Series achieves maximum vibration isolation performance when supported by a rigid and damped support surface. To assist researchers in maximizing the performance of the TS Series, we design workstations fitted exactly to the TS Series profile, including any desired upgrades that can benefit the individual research requirements of the end user (i.e. shelving, monitor stands, keyboard trays, etc.). These workstations are built to order and are able to be highly specialized, depending on the requirements of the research being supported.

Silencer-Acoustic-Enclosure-Internal-With-TS-150-Cropped-600pxAcoustic Enclosure Integration

When paired with an acoustic enclosure, the TS Series offers comprehensive protection against acoustic and vibration noise, enabling researchers to perform precise measurements in a quiet environment. Compatible with both desktop and workstation acoustic enclosures, the TS Series delivers unmatched versatility for a wide range of instruments and applications.

Acoustic Enclosure Compatibility

  • TS-150:  the Silencer, AEK-2002, NanoVault, the Crypt, AEK-2011, and Custom Acoustic Enclosures
  • TS-140: AEK-2002, NanoVault, Crypt, AEK-2011, and Custom Acoustic Enclosures
  • TS-300/TS-300 LT: NanoVault, Crypt, AEK-2011, and Custom Acoustic Enclosures

TS-150-H-FinishedCustom Top Plate Sizes & Materials

The standard top plate type for the TS Series is damped aluminum, however, it is common for end users to modify the top plate to fit particular research needs. Modifications often range from custom material types to adding drilled and tapped holes to the plate. Common modifications used with the TS Series platform include: stainless steel, ferromagnetic steel, and a drilled and tapped plate.

Exciter Box Pic EditedShaker Integration (Exciter Box)

The Exciter Box (in combination with a sine wave generator) allows an excitation signal to be applied to any TS Series platform, transforming the platform into a multi-directional shaker (X, Y, and Z). The excitation directions are easily modified using the mode switch function on the front of the exciter box and can be disabled when the platform needs to be used as an active vibration isolation platform.

Remote Display

The TS Series display can be made external to the table itself, allowing the end user to remotely access particular features of the table without having to go to the table itself. The remote display allows an end user to remotely view the following:

  • Weight distributionTS Series Display - New
  • Leveling of internal motors
  • Vibration levels in the X, Y, and Z direction (velocity)
  • Enable/disable the active isolation component
  • Turn the table on/off

Remote Power Supply

The remote power supply allows the internal controller components of the TS Series to be external to the table itself, which is beneficial in cases where the TS table resides in an enclosure and the supported instrument is sensitive to EMI noise or heat generation. While the TS table emits low levels of EMI noise and heat, certain applications are inherently more sensitive than others, which is where the remote power supply becomes an ideal solution.

Increased Load Capacity

Standard TS Series tables have set load capacities, which at times is not sufficient for heavier research instrumentation. To broaden the support of the TS Series, the TS-140 and TS-300 can expand its respective load capacity by 40 Kg, allowing for the heavier compact instruments to be supported.

  • TS-140
    • Standard TS-140 Load Capacity: 140 Kg
    • Upgraded TS-140 Load Capacity: 180 Kg
  • TS-300
    • Standard TS-300 Load Capacity: 300 Kg
    • Upgraded TS-300 Load Capacity: 340 Kg