Complete SC28 Hardware Kit

Long-Term Environmental Monitoring

The SC28 monitoring system enables long-term, uninterrupted measurements of magnetic fields, vibrations, acoustic noise, and temperature/humidity. This system is uniquely-designed to monitor the environment for electron beam instruments, including: Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM), Electron Beam Lithography tools, and SEM-based metrology and inspection tools

SC28 Hardware In use

Unique Monitoring Features

  • Multi-Sensor Measurements: the SC28 includes 10 channels, allowing for seamless and simultaneous environmental noise monitoring
  • Automatic Notifications: the SC28 can immediately contact you when the environment exceeds specifications or user-defined thresholds
  • Complete Environmental Monitoring: continuously measure magnetic fields, floor vibration (X, Y, and Z), acoustic levels at 2kHz, and temperature/humidity at 1Hz or below
  • Completely Visual: up to 14 different graphs can be displayed simultaneously
  • Comprehensive Acquisition: Acquires sensor data and logs spectra and charts to date-stamped files
  • Self-Contained: the SC28 can monitor the environment without the user interface open

SC28 Hardware

The SC28 utilizes high-performance sensors and monitoring hardware, delivering clear and comprehensive understanding of the environment being measured. 

  • Monitoring System: SC28/SI
  • AC/DC Sensors: Sensor SC24/DC+AC and Sensor SC11/AC
  • Acoustic Microphone: Brüel & Kjær 4190 microphone
  • Vibration Sensors: Wilcoxon 731A accelerometers (three)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor: Sensor SC28/TH
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SC28 Monitoring Software

The SC28 monitoring software provides robust features for researchers to tailor their environmental monitoring to fit their needs. Users can customize multiple control variables across different measurement modes, including: spectrum analyzer, chart recorder, data logger, and more.