Fully Customize Your Acoustic Enclosure

Herzan acoustic enclosures are designed to protect the most acoustically sensitive research applications from disruptive ambient acoustic noise. With most acoustic enclosures being developed through cooperation with instrument manufacturers and end users, the features and design considerations are tailored to maximize the performance provided, user experience received, and overall utility of the acoustic enclosure.

Some common design features found in most Herzan acoustic enclosures include:

Standard Construction

  • Damped cable clamp eliminates parasitic noise from entering the enclosure
  • Dense welded steel frame provides increased stiffness and reduces ground-borne vibration transference.
  • Front window provides easy viewing while not compromising acoustic isolation performance.
  • Ease of access (<5 Lb force opening door) and maneuverability (caster wheels) allows time-critical research to become seamless.
  • High-quality hardware to ensure an air-tight seal is created, maximizing acoustic isolation performance.

Standard Performance Received

  • Multiple variable density layers of sound-damping material ensure substantial isolation of high and low frequency acoustic noise.
  • Average 30 – 50 dB of Sound Loss over a broad frequency spectrum (typically measured between 50 – 5,000 Hz).
  • All openable areas (doors, windows and feedthroughs) lined with compressive gasket to provide an air-tight seal.

Acoustic Enclosure Upgrades

In addition to the standard features included in all Herzan acoustic enclosures, there are many opportunities to customize the enclosure to address individual research needs. These customizations range from environmental, performance, accessibility, and utility upgrades that help end users better achieve their research goals.

Environmental Upgrades

Sensitive research instruments require a quiet, stable environment to operate properly. Herzan enclosures provide an unprecedented level of sound reduction, but unfortunately acoustic noise is not the only source of environmental interference that can limit the resolution of data received. To help address this known issue, we have developed upgrades that provide protection from other environmental noise sources, ensuring the quietest environment possible. These additional forms of environmental isolation include:

Active Vibration Isolation

In noisy environments, mechanical vibrations can cause as much difficulty for sensitive instruments as acoustic noise. Herzan offers an array of vibration isolation options for customers to consider, including active vibration isolation platforms (AVI and TS Series) and passive vibration isolation tables (Onyx Series).

Active vibration isolation platforms are the preferred solution for instruments sensitive within the 0 – 5 Hz frequency range (i.e. AFMs, SPMs, STMs, and more). Passive vibration isolation tables are the preferred solution for instruments that do not have an inherent sensitivity between the 0 – 5 Hz frequency range and are looking for a lower cost solution. Both forms of vibration isolation technology pair well with Herzan acoustic enclosures as they help address the two most common forms of environmental noise limiting the quality of research data being taken (acoustic and vibration noise). 

Vibration isolation systems can be added separately or integrated into an enclosure’s design, depending on the requirements of the application or preference of the end user.

EMI Shield

Ambient electromagnetic interference is a common cause of instrument malfunction and decreased accuracy. Having a conductive covering for an instrument provides a high level of protection from these erratic EMI fields, which can be achieved with every Herzan acoustic enclosure. To provide uniformed EMI shielding, Herzan enclosures can be converted into being conductive through a process of grounding, guarding your instrument from both EMI and acoustic noise simultaneously.

Temperature-Stability-ControllerTemperature Stability

Temperature variation can reduce the repeatability of measurements, causing increased time spent on individual projects or increased cost spent fixing the problem within the instrument itself. Throughout the day, temperatures in a laboratory can fluctuate by up to five degrees Celsius, causing uniformed measurements to be influenced greatly by thermal drift or other inhibiting effects caused by temperature fluctuations. Herzan enclosures can be outfitted with a temperature stability feature that raises the temperature of the enclosure to slightly above ambient, while actively maintaining the temperature stability within +/- 0.2 degrees Celsius. Providing this greater level of stability offers higher accuracy and repeatability for measurements, leading to greater research efficiencies and lower overall cost of performing measurements.

Gas Purge CapabilityGas Purge Photo

For many biological applications, it is necessary to purge an enclosure with inert gas to remove oxygen from the operating environment. Herzan enclosures can be easily modified to allow for an inert gas purge of the chamber that easily connects to gas sources within the lab. The location of the gas purge inlet and outlet can be customized to ensure the cabling spanning from the gas source and the enclosure is organized and out of the way. Just let us know where you would like it to be installed.

Performance Upgrades

NanoDamp Frame

The standard frame of a Herzan workstation acoustic enclosure is of welded steel construction, which is inherently rigid and stiff. Despite the existing performance benefits provided by the standard frame, it has an inherent resonance that may impact the measurement quality of precision research instruments.

The NanoDamp frame helps reduce the resonances inherent in the steel welded frame, which utilizes a proprietary technology that lines the interior of the frame with a special damping material. By reducing the structural resonances, environmental vibrations have less of an effect on the enclosed instrument. A NanoDamp frame will provide an overall quieter operating environment to conduct your precision research.

Performance Boost

Herzan’s acoustic enclosures lead the precision research industry in terms of overall acoustic isolation provided to sensitive instrumentation, but there are environments that have substantial ambient acoustic noise requiring an even greater amount of isolation. With some design modifications and additional damping material provided, Herzan enclosures can be enhanced to achieve an even quieter operating environment. The performance boost for Herzan enclosures on average can provide an additional 10 dB of sound reduction, with opportunities for even greater reduction depending on the environment. An example of the improvement provided by the performance boost is depicted below.


Test Methods: The testing set-up determining the difference in performance consists of a noise generator performing a frequency sweep while positioned a fixed distance away from a microphone. Noise measurements are taken without an enclosure and then with an enclosure in position, surrounding the microphone. The distance and position of the microphone remained the same in order to acquire data appropriate for comparison.

Usability Upgrades

Auto-Door-Actuator-DetailAutomated Door

Door automation benefits applications that have high-throughput and multiple-user operation. The automated door replacing standard gas spring mechanisms can be opened and closed with the push of a button, which is mounted to the side of the acoustic enclosure (typically). The door can also be operated during mid-travel, allowing for further manipulation of the door for safety reasons. In addition to replacing gas spring opening mechanisms, Herzan can create automated doors that open vertically, diagonally, horizontally, or any configuration that benefits the research application. High cycle-rate door opening processes are also something that can be achieved, with delivered solutions providing automated door access on a routine schedule of over 2,500 cycles per day. Door automation helps high throughput and other various applications become more efficient, saving time and money achieving research goals.

LED-Light---DimmerInterior LED Lighting

To enable easy instrument viewing while the acoustic enclosure door is closed, an LED light strip can be installed, illuminating the interior and instrument inside. The white LEDs provide great light quality with minimal heat dissipation, offering an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for researchers needing visual evidence of their instrument’s operating procedures. The LED light is also programmable, allowing for a touch interface that enables on/off commands, dimming of the light intensity, and pulsing of the light if desired.

Accessibility OptionsThe Crypt - Window Door Detail - Open

Herzan acoustic enclosures are designed to be highly accessible, but having removable panels or a front opening door is not often sufficient for instrument configurations that require unique access points. Whether a sample exchange is a common operating procedure and an access point is desired (to save time), any Herzan enclosure (including custom enclosures) can be easily configured to allow for unique access points (e.g. doors, removable panels, windows within doors, etc.). Let us know your accessibility requirements and how you would like to modify an existing or custom enclosure and we will be happy to make the addition.

Cable Management

The easiest way to compromise an acoustic enclosure’s performance is to allow parasitic vibrations to enter the enclosure via instrument cables. Herzan enclosures come with uniquely designed cable clamps that eliminate parasitic noise without creating air gaps that would degrade sound isolation performance. Utilziing a dual piece clamping mechanism with contouring foam, Herzan cable clamps offer the best solution for any instrument or application needing to feed cables inside and out of the enclosure.

In addition to the standard designs offered for enclosure cable clamps, Herzan is happy to provide custom cable management solutions, including custom cable clamp hole patterns, custom cable clamp locations, or entirely unique cable feedthroughs that are designed around the unique features of your instrument or application. Let us know what you are wanting to accomplish and we will provide a solution that meets your needs.

Shelving OptionsAcoustic-Enclosure-Internal-Shelf-300px

Adding shelves to an enclosure is a great way to free up desk space and keep instrument c controllers, hardware, and manuals in one organized location. Herzan offers a number of shelving options to improve the usability of any enclosure, with opportunities for complete shelf customization if needed. Some shelving solutions include:

  • Controller Side Shelf
  • Side-Mounted Hardware Tray
  • Removable Base Shelf
  • Adjustable Internal Shelf
  • Custom Mounting and Shelving Options

Custom Upgrade Options & OEM DesignsCustom-Desktop-Acoustic-Enclosure-for-Workstations---Cropped-600px

In addition to standard acoustic enclosures, Herzan often works with end users and instrument manufacturers on custom engineered products tailored to the needs of a particular instrument or application. As a comprehensive solutions provider, we offer design and engineering services as well as limited run production capabilities, whichever is required for the project. Whether you need a one-off custom test station, an instrument branded acoustic enclosure, or some unique mounting holes to an existing standard enclosure, bring your challenge to us!

Review our OEM Solutions Guide today for further information and specification.

Popular Customizations Include:Anechoic-Chamber2-900px

  • Custom Sizes and Form Factors
  • Integration and Mounting of Vibration Isolation Systems
  • Mounting and Shelving
  • Feedthroughs and Interlocks
  • Handles and Hardware Selection
  • Safety and Ergonomic Modifications
  • Custom Colors and Logo Application