AEK-2002---Side--Open-Door-250x370pxCompact Workstation Acoustic Enclosure

The preferred solution for AFMs needing maximum protection against acoustic noise. The AEK-2002 acoustic enclosure builds on over 20 years experience improving the isolation technology within Herzan acoustic enclosures, delivering a field-tested and optimized solution for protecting sensitive instruments from disruptive acoustic noise. The AEK-2002 has been chosen by hundreds of researchers worldwide, delivering the quietest operating environment possible for performing high precision research.

The primary goal for AEK-2002 users is to remove acoustic noise from negatively affecting their measurement data, which is made possible by the enclosure’s perfect combination of high quality hardware, advanced acoustic isolation layering, and user-friendly accessibility features.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum Isolation: Multiple variable density layers of sound-damping material ensure substantial isolation of high and low frequency acoustic noise.
  • Sound Structure: Dense welded steel frame provides increased stiffness and reduces ground-borne vibration transference.
  • Full Accessibility: Ease of access (<5 Lb force opening door) and maneuverability (caster wheels) allows time-critical research to become seamless.
  • Limitless Personalization: Upgrades for performance, environmental, usability, and accessibility features available.



Popular Upgrades

In addition to the AEK-2002’s standard features, additional upgrade features can be added, making the AEK-2002 versatile in addressing specific research needs for any user. Popular upgrade features include:

  • AEK-2002-+-AVI-200S-600pxIntegrated Vibration Isolation (Active or Passive)
  • Acoustic Performance Boost
  • EMI Shielding
  • NanoDamp Frame
  • Gas Purge
  • Temperature Stability
  • Custom Sizes and Colors
  • And More!

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Internal Dimensions:

    • Imperial (W x D x H): 25.6 x 28.8 x 24 inches
    • Metric (W x D x H): 650 x 731.5 x 609.6 mm
  • External Dimensions: 

    • Imperial (W x D x H): 32.1 x 34.6 x 55.3 inches
    • Metric (W x D x H): 815.3 x 878.8 x 1404.6 mm

When determining the enclosure suitable for your instrument or application, verify the dimensions of the instrument/application donot exceed the internal dimensions of the enclosure. There are many standard enclosures sizes (with custom enclosure sizes available), allowing any instrument or application to receive research-grade acoustic isolation.

You will also want to make note of the AEK-2002’s sloping front door, as the height towards the front near the door will be less than the overall internal height.



Performance Highlights

  • 30 dB of sound loss @ 100 Hz
  • 35 dB of sound loss @ 500 Hz
  • 38 dB of sound loss @ 1,000 Hz
  • 43 dB of sound loss @ 1,500 Hz
  • 43 dB of sound loss @ 2,000 Hz
  • 44 dB of sound loss @ 2500 Hz

The multi-layered, variable density material lining the inside of the AEK-2002 allows for the highest performing acoustic isolation performance across a broad frequency spectrum.

AEK-2002 Downloads