Bio Applications + TS Series

The Heinrich Lab built a custom force probe to investigate the adhesive properties and other mechanical characteristics of biomolecules to further their cutting-edge bioengineering research. They soon found that environmental noise was limiting the precision of their measurements.

The noise sources included a noisy HVAC system, seismic sources (earth and building movement), and the ambient vibration and noise levels inherent to a busy academic building. Professor Heinrich contacted Herzan for help.Since the Heinrich Lab was working at the very edge of attainable precision in a relatively noisy environment, they needed a very high performance solution. We arranged a product evaluation for an AEK-5004 Acoustic Enclosure (succeeded by The Crypt) and a TS-140 Active Vibration Isolation Table. When observing the micro-pipette used to hold the biomolecules in place during testing, the results were immediate and obvious (see video below). Without isolation, the pipette was moving constantly out of position in all axes. With Herzan isolation, there is no visible movement. Problem solved. Now the Heinrich Lab can conduct their high precision research without having to worry about environmental noise concerns.

“Simply put, our experiments would not be possible without the equipment from Herzan. It allows us to do even single-molecule experiments on the second floor of a shaky building! ” -Professor Volkmar Heinrich, UC Davis

Heinrich Lab - Alex and Volkmar
Another Satisfied Customer! Prof. Volkmar Heinrich of UC Davis, right, with Alex Gorman of Herzan, left


  • Nanoscale Biophysics and Bioengineering


  • Custom-built horizontal AFM and micropipette manipulation system integrated with Carl Zeiss Axiovert 200 Microscope



  • TS-140 Active Vibration Isolation Table and AEK-5004 Acoustic Enclosure


Video depicts the effects of vibration and acoustic noise on a micropipette. The start of the video was taken with the TS-140 OFF and the AEK enclosure OPEN. The second part of the video was taken with the TS-140 ON and the AEK enclosure CLOSED.


Chek Ounkomol, UC Davis graduate student; Fred Houston, Ventura Precision