Planning for a new semiconductor instrument or metrology tool can be challenging, often requiring extensive site preparation for the various equipment being received.

Herzan Is Here to Help

In addition to site survey reports, Herzan can perform comprehensive floor flatness and deflection analysis, delivering critical information that ensures the site is ready to receive incoming semiconductor and metrology tools. Herzan’s carefully calibrated equipment can be utilized to the specific requirements of the instrumentation, with a report highlighting the topographic measurements performed and recommendations to improve flatness (if needed).

Getting Started

  • Instrument Details: Share your instrument/pedestal specifications for floor flatness/deflection for our engineering team to evaluate and incorporate into the report
  • Room Details: Share information on the underlying support structure for the instrument, whether it be a concrete slab, isolated pedestal, or a unique floor composite for our team to incorporate into our report
  • Additional Measurements: If the environmental noise of the room needs to be measured, share those specifications with our team to concurrently perform a site survey at your location
  • NOTE: Floor flatness and deflection measurements can be performed in conjunction with a traditional site survey (saves money) or separately.

Measurement Specifications

The equipment used to measure floor flatness and deflection can be trusted to ensure confidence in the data received prior to an instrument coming onsite.

  • ASTM 1155 and TR-34 Floor Profile and Deflection Measurements
  • System Accuracy +/- 0.0015 in/ft
  • Compliance with ACI 360R-10 Section 6.2 for measuring/recording joint stability and deflection

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