The AVI Series is a modular, low profile, active vibration isolation platform achieving sub-hertz vibration isolation performance across all six degrees of freedom. The seamless installation process and lack of persistent maintenance of the AVI Series allows users to save money on installation costs while also saving time to focus on their research rather than their vibration isolation platform.

The AVI Series is available in three standard sizes to accommodate instruments of all shapes and sizes. These sizes include:

NOTE: load capacity values above are for two isolator platforms and can increase proportionately when adding isolators to the overall platform (e.g. AVI-600M with 8 isolators can support up to 12,000 Lbs).

Product Highlights

Many AVI Platforms integrate seamlessly with the supported microscope.
  • Isolate All Vibrations: Isolates vibrations in all six rotational and translational modes of vibration.
  • Industry Leading Low-Frequency Isolation: Active isolation from 1 to 200 Hz (0.5 – 200 Hz with the LFS System); passive isolation beyond 200 Hz.
  • Active > Passive: No low frequency resonance means much better performance between 0 – 5 Hz than a passive system.
  • Maximum Stiffness & Stability: 500 times stiffer than a passive system, which imparts excellent directional and positional stability.
  • Scalable to Any Instrument Size: Module style allows system to adapt to specific sizes and loads, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Seamless Installation and Use: Low profile design allows the AVI Series to be installed without the need of lifting equipment.


The transmissibility graph listed below is a conservative estimate of the vibration isolation performance provided by all AVI Series platforms, pertaining to all translational and rotational modes of vibration (all six degrees of freedom).

Performance Upgrade – LFS System

The AVI Series can improve its low-frequency vibration isolation performance by pairing it with the LFS System (Low Frequency Sensor). This upgrade enables the platform to isolate vibrations starting at 0.5 Hz and can be easily retrofitted for existing systems in the field. More details on the upgraded performance can be found below.


The isolation technology within the AVI Series consists of piezoelectric sensors, actuators, and control electronics, which dynamically respond to vibrations within the environment and provide an attenuated signal to the top plate of the isolators.

Next Steps

Use the links below to learn more about the different sizes for the AVI Series and how researchers around the world are able to remove disruptive low-frequency noise from their measurements.