SPL Series

As a leader in noise cancellation for over 25 years, Herzan has developed the SPL Series: Soundproofing for labs or rooms with noise generating equipment (i.e. chillers, pumps, fans, etc.). Incorporating a uniquely engineered layering methodology to absorb and shield broad frequency noise, Herzan’s SPL Series delivers the quietest operating environment possible for TEMs, SEMs, and other large-scale microscopes.

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Product Highlights

  • Soundproofing solutions engineered to the architectural design and noise characterized within the room
  • Standard and custom foam designs available
  • Low-frequency noise mitigation available (SPL+)
  • Meets many fire/safety architectural specs
  • On-site Installation and Support


  • Pump/Chiller Rooms
  • Electron Microscopes (SEM/TEM)
  • Lithography Tools
  • Metrology Tools
  • And More!


SPL Series materials are rated to absorb noise based on the material thickness configured, with greater thicknesses offering improved noise absorption over a broad frequency range.

Low-frequency performance upgrades are
available (SPL+), utilizing Herzan’s proprietary dense material layers, engineered specifically for researchers needing greater noise absorption in the low frequency range (100 – 1,000 Hz).

Getting Started

After a site survey has been performed in a researcher’s lab, Herzan’s
engineering team will evaluate the data and recommend an optimal
soundproofing design based on the ambient noise and lab configuration.

Herzan’s goal is to deliver an acoustically shielded room that enables
researchers to focus on their research and not the noise around them.