Active Vibration Control Starting At 0.5 Hz

Achieving maximum resolution from a research microscope is possible with a Herzan active vibration control platform (the AVI and TS Series). The vibration isolation performance for both platforms is made possible by its unique technology, consisting of piezoelectric sensors, actuators, and control electronics. These carefully engineered components (Made in Switzerland) allow the platforms to dynamically respond to vibrations in the environment, enabling sub-hertz vibration isolation (starting at 0.5 Hz) in all six degrees of freedom.

Herzan’s active vibration control platforms come in two form factors: tabletop (TS) and modular/scalable (AVI).

Auto-Leveling, Desktop Active Vibration Isolation Table

TS-Series-Side-Profile---Cropped-1500pxThe TS Series is the industry leader in vibration isolation performance and usability, delivering sub-hertz vibration isolation (all six degrees of freedom) in a plug-and-play form factor. With several unique features setting itself a part from competing solutions (e.g. automatic leveling, LCD display, external vibration monitoring), the TS Series becomes the perfect solution for users wanting to achieve the best vibration isolation performance available, while not sacrificing on design or functionality.

Modular & Scalable Active Vibration Isolation Platform

AVI-200-Side-View---Cropped-1500pxThe AVI Series is a modular, low profile, active vibration isolation platform capable of sub-hertz isolation performance across all six degrees of freedom. The AVI Series is available in three standard sizes (AVI-200, AVI-400, and AVI-600) to accommodate instruments of all shapes and sizes (from 0 – 9,000 Kg), from compact AFMs to room scale TEMs.

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