Multi-Instrument Workstation Acoustic Enclosure

The AEK-2011 is Herzan’s largest workstation acoustic enclosure offering maximum protection against acoustic noise for large precision research microscopes, providing up to 50 dB reduction across a broad frequency range (50 – 15,000+). The AEK-2011 combines high-performance acoustic lining with an expansive interior volume, delivering the quietest operating environment for any research application limited by acoustic noise.

Product Highlights

The AEK-2011 acoustic enclosure incorporates many unique features specifically designed to support the modern researcher, including:

> Multi-layered, variable-density acoustic damping material
> Highly accessible acoustic enclosure via removable side panel and roof
> Protects against low-frequency acoustic noise (50 Hz+)
> Substantial acoustic isolation (up to 35 dB) across a broad frequency spectrum (50 – 15,000 Hz+)
> Performance, accessibility, usability upgrades available for any Herzan acoustic enclosure

Popular Upgrades

Enclosure Dimensions

Internal Dimensions (W x D x H): 54.2 x 37 x 40 inches / 1,376.7 x 939.8 x 1,016 mm
External Dimensions (W x D x H): 61.5 x 40 x 71 inches / 1,562.1 x 1,1016 x 1,803.4 mm

Note: verify the dimensions of the application fits within the internal dimensions of the acoustic enclosure. There are standard acoustic enclosures sizes (with custom enclosure sizes available), allowing any application to operate within a low-noise floor environment.


Performance Highlights: 33 dB @ 100 Hz; 27 dB @ 250 Hz; 32 dB @ 500 Hz; 34 dB @ 1000 Hz; 35 dB @ 2,500 Hz

AEK-2011 Downloads