We Provide Solutions

Our core mission is to provide carefully articulated vibration, acoustic, and EMI isolation solutions to the global research community. We are committed to delivering exact solutions for customer research needs, improving the overall performance of our environmental isolation systems, and providing the best customer experience possible for all users.

Our environmental solutions provide the lowest noise-floor possible for sensitive research instrumentation. This is accomplished by the  strategic partnerships (i.e. Table Stable and the AVI/TS Series) and tireless work put in by our product enhancement and development team. We continue to strive for customer satisfaction through the solutions we deliver, which is accomplished by fundamentally understanding the customer’s instrument, research aims, and overall application needs to ensure all facets of the customer’s goals are met.

In the end, what is important for us is to have the researcher focus on what matters most: their research (and not their isolation solution). We have been privileged to work with some of the most innovative individuals in the scientific research community and are proud to help advance the research performed by our customers.

AEK-2002---Side--Open-Door-250x370pxAcoustic Enclosures

Desktop and Workstation Acoustic Enclosures

Herzan acoustic enclosures have become the industry standard for SPM & AFM users and manufacturers looking to receive exceptional acoustic isolation. Available in a variety of form factors and styles, Herzan’s acoustic enclosures deliver unmatched acoustic isolation through its careful selection of variable density materials to protect research instruments from broadband acoustic noise present within any environment.


TS-150-Side-View-1500pxActive Vibration Control

Modular and Desktop Active Vibration Control Systems

Herzan’s active vibration isolation systems (AVI & TS Series) push the resolution boundaries for numerous instruments and applications, making understanding measured data more clear and concise. Delivering sub-hertz active vibration isolation for all rotational modes of vibration (all six degrees of freedom), the AVI & TS Series platforms are the perfect solution for a variety of high precision applications (AFMs, SEMs, SPMs, and more).

Onyx-Series---Side-View-1440Passive Vibration Control

Desktop and Workstation Air-Based Vibration Control Systems

Herzan’s air-based, passive vibration control systems deliver high performance vibration isolation at an incredible value. Manufactured in Herzan’s headquarters in California, the Onyx and NanoDamp Series isolation systems create opportunities for affordable vibration isolation without having to compromise on performance or quality.

Faraday-Cage-003-600PXEMI Isolation

Active and Passive EMI Isolation Solutions

Herzan offers a variety of EMI isolation solutions tailored to the individual needs of customer’s instruments. With different technologies available for EMI isolation (Active – Spicer System from VEC; Passive – Custom Faraday Cages), Herzan can support any instrument or application being affected by EMI noise.


WaveCatcher-Site-Survey-Kit---Cropped-1440PXSite Survey Tools

Compact and Complete Site Survey Tools

The WaveCatcher provides a solution to the common complaint of site survey analysis: it is too expensive and inaccessible to the common user. Designed as a mobile survey tool, the WaveCatcher is able to provide complete site survey analysis and maintain the mobility of a common suitcase. With intuitive software allowing for complete user-directed detail, the WaveCatcher provides a swift and effective solution to vibration, acoustic, and EMI analysis.

Custom SolutionsTS-300-LT-Workstation-600px

Built to the Customer’s Specifications!

Not all applications and instrument configurations are created equal, which is why Herzan offers a variety of opportunities for customers to customize their environmental solution. Whether the instrument is being installed into a cleanroom or placed onto a raised floor, Herzan has extensive expertise in helping define the proper solution representative of a customer’s unique requirements.


Supporting A Variety of Herzan Environmental Solutions

Maximizing the customer experience is critical to Herzan’s goals, which is why all Herzan products are accompanied by a variety of services to help ensure the user experience is pleasantly positive. Whether a customer needs installation support for the AVI Series or a site survey performed prior to the installation of an instrument, Herzan creates valuable opportunities for customers to gain the most out of their Herzan solutions.

Customer Service & Support

Herzan is committed to providing superior customer service and support.  Our customers’ continued satisfaction is our number one priority. To this end, we provide an array of services including product development consultation, on-site installation support, repairs, and site survey services to complement our product offerings.