Large Workstation Acoustic Enclosure

The NanoVault acoustic enclosure combines high-performance acoustic lining with high-accessibility features to deliver a quiet and streamlined experience for researchers operating large microscopes and multiple
instrument applications. The design and capability of the NanoVault enable researchers to operate their instrumentation to its fullest potential, even in the noisiest ambient environments.

Product Highlights

> Multi-layered, variable-density acoustic damping material
> Protects against low-frequency acoustic noise (50 Hz+)
> Substantial acoustic isolation (up to 51 dB) across a broad frequency spectrum (50 – 15,000 Hz+)
> Performance, accessibility, usability upgrades available
> 100% enclosure customization for end users and OEMs

Popular Upgrades

In addition to the NanoVault’s standard features, researchers can customize the acoustic enclosure with upgrade features, making the NanoVault versatile in addressing specific needs for any user. Popular upgrade features include:

Enclosure Dimensions

Internal Dimensions (W x D x H): 34.5 x 31 x 28.1 inches / 876.3 x 787.4 x 713.7 mm
External Dimensions (W x D x H): 40 x 36.4 x 60.4 inches / 1,016 x 924.6 x 1,534.2 mm

NOTE: The NanoVault includes a sloping front door, which reduces the internal dimensions near the front of the door.  Review the 3D model to determine if your instrument will fit inside of the enclosure.


The multi-layered, variable density acoustic materials lining all Herzan enclosures allows for the highest performing acoustic isolation performance across a broad frequency spectrum.

NanoVault Downloads