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Data Sheet
Data Sheet

The TS Series is the industry leader in vibration isolation performance and usability, delivering sub-hertz vibration isolation (all six degrees of freedom) in a plug-and-play form factor. The inherent stiffness of the TS system imparts excellent directional and positional stability, ensuring a stable and controlled measuring environment for any sensitive instrumentation.

With several unique features setting itself a part from competing solutions (e.g. automatic leveling, LCD Display, External vibration monitoring, etc.), the TS Series becomes the perfect solution for users wanting to achieve the best vibration isolation performance available, while not sacrificing on design or functionality.


 Product Highlights

  • Isolates All Vibrations: Sub-hertz active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom.
  • Research-Grade Technology: Advanced piezoelectric sensory technology providing uncompromising isolation performance.
  • Complete Isolation Performance: Internal feedback loop damps all mechanical resonances.
  • Plug-n-Play System: Automatic load adjustment ensures seamless user experience.
  • Real Time Results: LCD display of real-time vibration levels, weight distribution, and other programmable features.
  • Active > Passive: Lack of low frequency resonance and being 500 times stiffer means much better performance than passive systems.
  • Simple Integration: Lowest profile active vibration isolation available (at 3.3″ H).
  • Focus On The Research: No installation or maintenance required, simply plug-and-play!




The TS series is ideal for precision research instruments that require a low operating noise floor and absolute stability. The vibration isolation performance of every TS table allow research instruments to maximize their resolution by removing the ambient vibration noise from affecting their data. Essentially, any instrument sensitive to vibration noise less than 5 Hz can greatly benefit from the unique technology found within a TS Series table.

Common applications using TS platforms include:
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Tribology and Nanoindentation
  • High Precision Metrology
  • High Resolution Microscopy
  • Profilometry
  • In-Vitro Fertilization


The transmissibility graph listed below is a conservative estimate of the vibration isolation performance provided by all TS Series tables, pertaining to all translational and rotational modes of vibration (all six degrees of freedom).

TS-Series-Performance-GraphPerformance Details:

  • Active vibration isolation from 0.7 – 1,000 Hz
  • Passive vibration isolation from 1,000 Hz and beyond
  • 90% vibration isolation at 3.5 Hz
  • 99% vibration isolation at 10 Hz
  • 99.9 vibration isolation at 20 Hz and beyond
  • Up to 55 dB of vibration reduction beyond 20 Hz


When determining the TS Series table best suited for your instrument or application, review the top plate dimensions and load capacity of each table (i.e. TS-150 top plate dimensions: 15.7″ x 17.7″; load capacity: 330 Lbs) and find the model that has a large enough top plate + load capacity to support your instrument.

If none of the models listed above meet your instrument’s footprint or profile, the AVI Series is the correct answer for low-frequency vibration isolation.


Product Manuals and Data Sheets

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Product Evaluation Form
Product Evaluation Form

Herzan has many avenues for customers to evaluate products before submitting a purchase order. The most common avenue is to submit a product evaluation form, where the customer can determine whether the quality, performance, and features of the product meet their application requirements. This opportunity is available for the TS-150/TS-140 tables and is risk-free, meaning the customer is not obligated to purchase the product after the conclusion of the evaluation period.

If the product evaluation process is of interest, please submit a product evaluation form to or Fax a completed form to (949) 340-9751 and a representative will contact you shortly. Availability of demo units are subject to current inventory.