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Workstations Designed for Any Lab Environment

Laboratory workstations are important solutions for researchers requiring unwavering reliability, ease-of-use, and vibration isolation performance. The NanoDamp Series from Herzan builds on its two decades of experience tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of their respective application.

The NanoDamp (NDW) Series incorporates three forms of vibration isolation technology to address the wide range of isolation and budgetary needs for researchers. These isolation technologies include:

  • Standard NanoDamp Frame
  • Passive Vibration Isolation with NanoDamp Frame (incorporating the MicroDamp Series isolators)
  • Active Vibration Isolation with NanoDamp Frame (incorporating the AVI and TS Series platforms)

Product Highlights

  • Active-NanoDamp-Workstation-transparent
    NDW-2436A Workstation

    Premium & Proprietary Performance: the NDW Series includes proprietary vibration damping materials that line the interior frame of the workstation for maximum damping.

  • Designed for You: every NanoDamp Workstation incorporates a thoughtful approach towards design, capitalizing on quality, aesthetics, and vibration damping performance.
  • Vibration-Free Working Surface: the top plate of the workstation comprises of multi-layered honeycomb material with damped aluminum to span the length of the workstation.
  • Limitless Personalization: with all Herzan manufactured products, the NDW Series can be personalized to solve individual research requirements that do not come standard with the various NDW Series workstations.


Popular Upgrades

NDW-TS300 Workstation
  • Active Vibration Isolation Platforms
  • Passive Vibration Isolators
  • Arm Rests
  • Side and Base Shelving
  • Custom Top Plates / Breadboards
  • Custom Colors and Branding
  • Silk Screen Logo for OEM Applications
  • Cleanroom Compatibility (up to Class 10)
  • And More!


The NanoDamp Series comes in a variety of sizes, with the option to upgrade to passive or active vibration isolation technology. Upgrading to passive or active vibration isolation technology adds either a “P” or “A” letter to the end of the model number (respectively). Standard workstation models do not end in a letter (P or A) to signify they do not include either form of vibration isolation technology (i.e. NDW-2424).

The NanoDamp Series also includes models optimally designed for TS Series active vibration isolation tables. These workstations are carefully engineered to provide the best support surface for the TS Series tables to operate on, ensuring maximum vibration isolation performance.

Custom DesignsNDW-SS-Workstation---Cropped---600px

No matter how complex the system requirements may be, Herzan has the capabilities to develop products that can meet any research need. Comprehensive engineered designs are provided for customers to review, clearly representing the proof of concept to ensure custom products meet the goals of the project. Each individual requirement is considered and thoughtfully integrated into every custom made solution to deliver the exact product reflective of the researcher’s need.


NanoDamp Series Downloads