Custom OEM Enclosure Designs


In addition to our standard enclosures, Herzan is dedicated to work on custom design projects to ensure every enclosure meets specific research requirements defined by the end user.

As a comprehensive solutions provider, we offer design and engineering services as well as limited run production capabilities, meaning any acoustic enclosure feature desired can be made possible by Herzan’s engineering team (no compromises necessary!).

Any feature, no matter how large or small, can be customized to suit all research needs.

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Popular Unique Enclosure Features

  • Acoustic-Enclosure-Internal-Shelf-300pxCustom Sizes and Form Factors for Acoustic Enclosures
  • Custom Colors and Silk Screen Logo Application
  • Variable Mounting and Shelving
  • Feedthroughs and Interlocks
  • Handles and Hardware Selection
  • Safety and Ergonomic Modifications
  • Environmental Solutions

Getting Started

To begin defining the features of your custom enclosure, submit an RFQ or contact your local Herzan representative to share information about your instrument or application. Creating the best enclosure to suit your research needs requires some details about your instrument that will guide us in our design process.

Common questions asked include:
  • What is the make and model of your instrument?
  • What are the weight and dimension characteristics of your instrument?
  • Are the specific frequencies within the acoustic noise spectrum that are limiting your instrument?
  • Is there a desired level of reduction at the specific frequencies limiting your instrument?
  • Is there any site survey data or analysis we may review to learn more about the environment around the instrument?
  • Do you have any specific lead time requirements?
  • What is the budget set aside for this enclosure?