Solutions to Control Any EMI Noise

Herzan offers passive and active EMI cancellation solutions for a wide range of research applications (e.g. Electron Microscopy, WiFi Testing, Electrophysiology, and more). Incorporating various technologies and materials to combat EMI noise, Herzan offers solutions to address.

Faraday-Cage-transparentCustom Faraday Cages

Herzan faraday cages feature a light-weight construction that is easy to maneuver and install in any research environment. Utilizing multiple layering techniques consisting of conductive fabric material, Herzan’s faraday cages offer high performance across a broad frequency spectrum of EMI noise. With multiple standard sizes available in addition to the limitless customizations that can be made, Herzan’s faraday cages can be tailored to solve EMI noise problems for any research application. You tell us your size requirements, where you want the doors and cable access, and we’ll make a faraday cage to your specifications.

Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems

SC24_new panel for the homepage_1Herzan has recently partnered with Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC) to provide electron microscopy users an industry leading field cancelling system to complement Herzan’s existing solutions for acoustic and vibration isolation. The magnetic field cancellation system provided by VEC is manufactured by Spicer Systems: a technology leader in EMI control. Through this partnership, VEC and Herzan can offer a solution for any type of noise affecting the quality of measurements for electron microscopy users (vibration, acoustic, and EMI).


Also, you can read about the Technology behind Herzan’s EMI Isolation solutions here.