Daily Data Monitoring

Data logging is now available as an upgrade module for the WaveCatcher. This upgrade enables users to perform time-based measurements over extended periods of time, helping users better understand unique events occurring throughout the day. This measurement feature accompanies the existing capabilities of the WaveCatcher, where customers can take quick and precise measurements with a push of a button.

The data logging feature allows researchers to collect measurement data over a 24 hour period, with dynamic data review in five minute segments. This data is saved to an Oracle database downloaded locally to the computer, allowing data to be captured and recalled quickly.

The Data Logging feature can be included with new or existing WaveCatcher kits with Version 3.0 or later of the WaveCatcher software.

Limited Time Promotion

New and existing customers can take advantage of the introductory discount available for the data logging system, saving $1,000 on the upgrade.