Micro-Pipette + TS Series

The Nano-Bio Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas saw vibration noise not being isolated by their optical table. As a result, they turned to the TS-150 vibration isolation table as a solution to help remove the low-frequency vibration noise from limiting their research.


  • Nanomanufacturing micro-pipette system involving sensitive piezoelectric sensors and control mechanisms

End User

  • Nano-Bio Lab Group at the University of Texas at Dallas Department of Mechanical Engineering

Herzan Isolation System

  • TS-150 active vibration isolation table

Data Visualized

The following images represent the deposition of nanowires using the standard micro-pipette instrument and the micro-pipette instrument with the TS-150. Increased stability is experienced when using the TS-150 vibration isolation table, signaling the impact of vibrations previously affecting the instrumentation.

Vibration Isolation Visualized

The following videos represent the micro-pipette in the fixed position with and without vibration isolation. The video demonstrates the impact of vibration noise on the stability of the micro-pipette and how active vibration isolation solutions such as the TS-150 can improve stability.