Keyence VK-X250 + TS Series

Researchers at Essilor USA observed a substantial amount of vibration noise limiting their Keyence VK-X250 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope. The resulting vibration noise affected their surface roughness measurements, resulting in inaccurate results. To combat these issues, Essilor worked with Herzan to discover the best solution for their instrument given the severity of their environment: the TS-140 active vibration isolation table.

Customer Testimonial

Integrating the Herzan TS-140 with our Keyence VK-X250 Confocal Microscope has significantly reduced the noise due to vibration in our measurements. We are now able to more accurately measure various surface roughness parameters such as Arithmetic Mean Height (Ra) and Root Mean Square Height (Rq).

The Herzan TS-140 has been a key addition to our system and has allowed us to ensure the quality of our parts and resulting product

Data Visualized

  • Left Image: Chrome Part Surface Image Without the TS Series
    • Ra (nm): 11.47
    • Rq (nm): 14.16
  • Right Image: Chrome Part Surface Image With the TS Series
    • Ra (nm): 8.93
    • Rq (nm): 11.52

Vibration Isolation Visualized


  • Measure surface roughness of chrome parts


  • Keyence VK-X250 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

End User

  • Nathan Payne, Essilor USA

Isolation System