Measuring Casimir Force + TS Series

Researchers at Boston University were in search of isolating mechanical noise from a custom metrology platform consisting of a MEMs accelerometer, which was re-purposed to perform a sensitive, room temperature measurement of the Casimir force.

The Casimir force is a small, pN-scale force that arises between metallic surfaces at < 1um separation due to quantum fluctuations in the vacuum. Because the forces needing to be measured are so small, it was imperative  the noise floor of the accelerometer was as low as possible.

 The active vibration isolation in the TS-140 allowed us to remove much of this noise floor

This research and the resulting paper were featured in Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering, which can be found here:


  • Casimir Force Research


  • Custom Casimir metrology platform with a MEMs sensor

End User

  • Alexander Stange, Boston University

Isolation System

  • TS-140 Active Vibration Isolation Table