Stop By Our Booth Nov. 29th – Dec. 4th!

Herzan is excited to be exhibiting at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts at the renowned Hynes Convention Center. Herzan will be showcasing the latest innovations in the field of environmental isolation to MRS attendees, bringing an inside look at the technology of the AVI Series and the functionality of the WaveCatcher.

Stop by Booth 304 to experience the unprecedented vibration isolation performance of the AVI Series and learn how the WaveCatcher can save you time and money when planning your lab.

We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming show!


WHEN: November 29th through December 4th

WHERE: Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts  |  BOOTH: 304

WHAT: Discover the latest innovations from Herzan for environmental isolation


The WaveCatcher Site Survey Tool
AVI Series Active Vibration Isolation Platform

WaveCatcher-Site-Survey-Kit---Cropped-1440PXWaveCatcher Site Survey Tool

The WaveCatcher is Herzan’s compact and complete, mobile site analysis tool that can measure all forms of environmental noise (acoustic, vibration, and EMI) with a push of a button.

The WaveCatcher is the perfect solution for field service engineers, development planners, instrument manufacturers, and others who are interested in characterizing their environment prior to the installation of precision research equipment or during the planning stages of a lab.

AVI-200-Platform-Dual-Module---Cropped-1500pxAVI Series Active Vibration Isolation Platform

The AVI Series is a modular, low profile, active vibration isolation platform that achieves sub-hertz isolation performance across all six degrees of freedom. The AVI Series is available in three standard sizes (AVI-200, AVI-400, and AVI-600) to accommodate instruments of all shapes and form factors (from 0 – 9,000 Kg).

The isolation technology within the AVI Series consists of piezoelectric vibration sensors, control electronics, and actuators, which dynamically respond to vibrations within the environment and provide an attenuated signal to the top plate of the isolators.

The seamless installation process and lack of persistent maintenance of the AVI Series allows users to save money on installation costs while also saving time to focus on their research rather than their vibration isolation platform.