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4044779_origNEW! Herzan Offers New Magnetic Field Cancellation Solutions
Herzan has recently partnered with Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC) to provide  electron microscopy users an industry leading field cancelling system to complement Herzan’s existing solutions for acoustic and vibration isolation.
Through this partnership, VEC and Herzan can offer a solution for any type of noise affecting the quality of measurements for electron microscopy users (vibration, acoustic, & EMI). These solutions include:
  • Problem: Vibration Noise
  • Solution: AVI Series from Herzan
  • Problem: Acoustic Noise
  • Solution: SEM Acoustic Enclosure from Herzan
  • Problem: EMI Noise (AC/DC Fields)
  • Solution (NEW): Spicer Field Cancelling System from VEC
Herzan is excited to begin this partnership with VEC and look forward to working with all of its users to improve the research being performed within the field
of electron microscopy.
VEC have been experts in diagnosing environmental issues for research facilities for over 30 years, offering expert advice on solving some of the most complex environmental noise issues. VEC is also the exclusive distributor in North America for Spicer Consulting, an industry leader in the field of EMI cancelling systems. The Spicer field cancelling system can be found in thousands of laboratories worldwide, offering high performance EMI cancellation at a competitive price. More information on the Spicer field cancelling system can be found here.

AEK-2002-+-AVI-200S-600pxDid You Know? All Herzan Products Have Accessories Available to Improve the User Experience

Herzan’s products are designed in a way to adapt to diverse research requirements, allowing users to not have to compromise when finding the right solution. Every Herzan product available has a series of commonly requested accessories that improve the user experience in terms of performance, utility, or accessibility. Some accessories for Herzan’s more popular products include:
  • Drilled/tapped holes for the top plate
  • Remote power supply and display
  • Custom top plates
  • Workstation integration
  • Performance boost + NanoDamp frame
  • Passive/Active vibration isolation integration
  • Drilled/tapped holes for the top plate
  • Increased load capacity
  • Custom sensors
  • Custom software features and integration
There are many more accessories available for all Herzan products, which you can learn more by visiting

S16-logo-150x132WorkstationJOIN US! Herzan Will Be Exhibiting at the MRS Spring Meeting in 2016

Herzan is excited to be returning to the MRS Spring Meeting this year in its new location Phoenix, Arizona. The MRS Spring Meeting has always been a wonderful opportunity for leading thinkers in the material research community to come together, share their latest scientific breakthroughs, and learn more about the newest product developments at companies within the industry.

Herzan will be showcasing its latest acoustic, vibration, and EMI isolation solutions to MRS attendees. Visitors who stop by the booth will get a hands-on look at the TS Series: Herzan’s premier low-frequency isolation table; and the WaveCatcher: Herzan’s accurate and affordable site survey tool. Also, there are some free giveaways at the booth to bring home to family and friends!

Stop by Booth 240 to check out our latest innovations and learn how Herzan can advance your material science research with its collection of environmental solutions.


We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming show!