Herzan is excited to announce Version 3.0 of the WaveCatcher software; an evolution to the platform, making it a more modern, reliable, and accurate data measurement tool. Version 3.0 includes several highly-requested features and optimizations that will allow the platform to improve and expand over time.

What’s New in Version 3.0

  • New and Improved Software Features
  • Upcoming Upgrades Modules
  • Comprehensive Software Support
  • Early Adopter Promotion

New and Improved Software Features

Version 3.0 brings many features customers have been asking for when performing site surveys. Additionally, existing features have been improved, allowing customers to collect and analyze measurement data faster. Some prominent changes include:
  • Modern Software Redesign
  • Dynamic Data Post Processing
  • Faster Data Collection and Analysis

Comprehensive Software Support

In addition to the release of the new software features, customers have been asking for a more robust software support system. We are excited to announce comprehensive software support will arrive with Version 3.0, including:
  • Online Software Support
  • Routine Software Upgrades
  • Sensor Calibration
All three software support features can be purchased separately or collectively in Herzan’s Comprehensive WaveCatcher Software Support package.

Upcoming Upgrade Modules

Version 3.0 will be able to upgrade over time with add-on modules, which will include new robust features that expand the capabilities of the WaveCatcher software. Add-on modules will be more significant than traditional software improvements as they create new features previously unavailable to the software. Add-on modules will be sold separately and made available to all customers who can benefit from the newly developed features. Some upcoming upgrade modules include:
  • Live Data Logging
  • Automated Reports
  • User-Defined Sensors

Early Adopter Promotion

Customers interested in Version 3.0 of the WaveCatcher software will be eligible to receive promotional pricing for the first three months (Promotion Window: 6/6/2017 – 9/30/2017). Promotional pricing will be available to existing WaveCatcher users wanting to upgrade to the new software, or new WaveCatcher users considering purchasing the WaveCatcher for the first time. The following breakdown outlines the discounts available during the promotional period.

  • Existing WaveCatcher Users: 85% off the price to upgrade the WaveCatcher software
  • New WaveCatcher Users: 57% off the price to purchase the WaveCatcher software