Partnering with leading local distributors, Herzan is positioned to enhance sales and customer support in Canada and India.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA – Herzan LLC is proud to announce the addition of two leading distribution companies for the precision research industry: Spectra Research Corporation and Opistek Scientific Technologies. The addition of these two companies expand Herzan’s ability to support customers locally in Canada and India, while offering Spectra Research and Opistek Scientific the ability to offer a wide range of products/services enabled by Herzan’s diverse product line. Each company brings years of experience supporting diverse customer requirements in the field of scientific research and shares Herzan’s vision to provide excellent customer service and specifically tailored environmental solutions. Through these new partnerships, each distribution group will offer more comprehensive solutions to local customers, while enabling Herzan to better support customers in Canada and India, providing more efficient customer support and more uniquely localized solutions.

Spectra Research Overview

SRC_logo High Res-croppedSpectra Research Corporation (SRC) was established in 1993 to serve both industrial and scientific marketplaces. Offering sales and service across Canada. SRC staff have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to supply advanced industrial analysis and scientific instruments and support services to government, university, and commercial facilities across the country. Disciplines addressed include, but are not limited to: spectroscopy, materials characterization, surface science, and nanotechnology. Further information on SRC can be found here: http://www.spectraresearch.com/.

Opsitek Scientific Overview

Opsitek LogoOpsitek is an emerging consultancy group based in Kerala, India focused on supporting customers in the field of optical science and engineering. Opistek provides solutions to cutting edge problems in the optics & optoelectronics industry, offering extended support and articulated product solutions in the domain. Opsitek delivers and promotes the latest technologies in optics supporting broad areas of research such as: nano-bio-optics, green technology, quantum & non linear optics , industrial optics, optical communication, lighting solutions, optics education etc. Further information on Opistek Scientific can be found here: http://www.opsitek.in/.

Both companies are available for product information and sales support beginning April 20th, 2015.