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Active Vibration Isolation Upgrades On!

Herzan is highlighting its popular upgrade features for the AVI and TS Series platforms

The AVI and TS Series platforms support thousands of instruments and applications worldwide, delivering the best performance possible for low-frequency vibration isolation. Many of those solutions incorporate upgrade features that are available to all users who may want to expand the feature set of their isolation platform.


Exciter Box Pic EditedThe AVI Series supports a wide variety of applications due to its size, form factor, and scalability. Many of these applications benefit from upgrade features that expand the functionality of the AVI Series platform beyond a standard vibration isolation solution. Some popular upgrade features include:

  • The LFS System (low-frequency performance upgrade)
  • Exciter Box (transforms the AVI Series Platform into a shaker)
  • Tilt Control (improves stability and reduces tilt of an AVI Series platform)
  • Load Bearing Springs (increases the AVI Platform load capacity)
  • NanoDamped Frame
  • And More!


TS-300-LT-Workstation-600pxThe TS Series can also be expanded to include popular upgrade features that benefit users requiring more than a low-frequency vibration isolation table. These popular upgrade features include:

  • Drilled and Tapped Custom Top Plate
  • Exciter Box (turns the TS table into a shaker)
  • Remote Power Supply (moves the power source of the TS table into an external component)
  • External Display (allows the TS display to be viewed from an external screen)
  • Load Bearing Springs (increases the TS table load capacity)
  • NanoDamped Workstation Frame
  • And More!

To learn more about the individual upgrades available for both platforms, please visit the AVI or TS Series Upgrade Page.

*NEW* LFS-3 Performance Upgrade System

LFS-3: The leading solution in low-frequency vibration isolation just got better
LFS-System---Front---LFS-3-1500pxNow Isolating Vibrations In X, Y, and Z. The new LFS-3 performance upgrade for the AVI Series improves the vibration isolation performance of the AVI Series between 0.3 – 50 Hz in the X, Y, and Z directions. Building on the industry leading low-frequency vibration isolation performance of the AVI Series, the LFS-3 performance upgrade provides end users with an even better option to achieve maximum resolution from their microscope.

LFS_System_Low_Frequency_Vibration_Isolation_Stabilizer_Performance_GraphThe LFS-3 performance upgrade will now be made available alongside the current LFS-2 system, to provide end users with options in terms of performance needed from their AVI Series platform and the cost of the upgrade. The sole performance difference between the two solutions is the directions of vibrations being isolated:

  • LFS-2: X and Y
  • LFS-3: X, Y, and Z

Popular applications for the LFS performance upgrade include electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, and more.

To learn more about the LFS System, please visit the new AVI Series Upgrade page or click the following LFS System Data Sheet

Did You Know: Robust Services Available from Herzan

Herzan offers a wide range of complementary services for all of its products

WaveCatcher-Software-Screenshot-1440PXHerzan’s environmental solutions are often paired with complementary services that improve the user experience and ensure the system being used is optimized for the environment. These value added services are optional, but frequently benefit users receiving a Herzan environmental solution or microscope waiting to be installed.

Some popular services include:

For further information on these services, please visit the Herzan Services Page.