Welcome to the New Herzan Website!

We at Herzan are excited to share the latest  plan to improve how we engage with our customers: a new website. This new website was built from the ground up, offering a greater user experience for customers looking to make a decision on an acoustic enclosure, vibration isolation table, or one of the many environmental solutions Herzan has available. To learn more about what has changed from the previous Herzan website, please continue on to the sections below.

Why A New Website?

  • tablet-1075790-2048pxBetter page responsiveness across all devices (i.e. PC, mobile, tablet, etc.), allowing you to access the Herzan website on-the-go.
  • Clearer representation of the information you want to see, enabling you to be more informed of the product and its features.
  • Greater visual fidelity of product images and videos, offering a more robust view of how products look and operate.
  • Opportunity to bring relevant technical resources to the forefront, allowing you to be confident in choosing Herzan as an environmental solutions provider.

New to Herzan.com?

If this is your first time visiting Herzan.com, there are some important sections that may help you decide on an environmental solution or provide information to a question you had. Some of these sections include:

  • Product Pages

    • Completely overhauled product pages that offer clear and concise information for all Herzan products.
  • Service Pages

    • A new section on the Herzan website that offers Herzan customers to improve the overall experience with their products by choosing complementary services, including: site surveys, product installation, extended warranties, and more.
  • Resource Pagesmicroscope-385364-2048px

    • Offers a brief look into the various applications, instruments, and research areas that use Herzan products.
    • Also offers information relating to product manuals/downloads, user installation galleries, videos, and more.
  • Contact Pages

    • These help you stay in touch with us and ask any questions of interest.