Stop By Booth 1106 | July 24th – 28th!

Herzan is excited to be returning to the Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting (M&M) this year at the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio. M&M provides researchers around the world the opportunity to engage with leading thinkers in the field of microanalysis, sharing their latest scientific breakthroughs, and learning more about product developments within companies of the industry. Herzan will be highlighting innovations in acoustic, vibration, and EMI isolation to M&M attendees, showing how each and every user can achieve more with their instrumentation. Visitors who stop by the booth will get a hands-on look at the AVI Series: Herzan’s modular and scalable low-frequency vibration isolation platform; and the WaveCatcher: Herzan’s accurate and affordable site survey tool. Also, there are some free giveaways at the booth to bring home to family and friends!

Stop by Booth 1106 to check out whats new at Herzan and learn how we can advance the capabilities of your microscope with out environmental solutions.

Important Information

  • When: July 24th – 28th
  • Where: Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio BOOTH: 1106
  • What: Discover the latest innovations from Herzan for environmental isolation

    Featured Products

    WaveCatcher Site Survey Tool

    WaveCatcher Site Survey Tool
    WaveCatcher Site Survey Tool

    The WaveCatcher site survey tool has been developed and refined to deliver comprehensive environmental data in a compact, user-friendly package. Designed to be accessible for any user, while delivering precisely measured environmental data, the WaveCatcher streamlines the process for users to understand their environment.

    Utilizing configurable software features and robust hardware options, the WaveCatcher is able to acquire complex and comprehensive environmental data within minutes. Defining your WaveCatcher package is easy: simply let us know what type of environmental noise needs to be measured, across what frequency range, and we will help deliver the best solution to meet your research needs!

    AVI Series Active Vibration Isolation Platform

    AVI Series Active Vibration Isolation Platform

    The AVI Series is a modular, low profile, active vibration isolation platform achieving sub-hertz vibration isolation performance across all six degrees of freedom. The AVI Series is available in three standard sizes (AVI-200, AVI-400, and AVI-600) to accommodate instruments of all shapes and sizes (from 0 – 9,000 Kg).

    The isolation technology within the AVI Series consists of piezoelectric sensors, control electronics, and actuators, which dynamically respond to vibrations within the environment and provide an attenuated signal to the top plate of the isolators.

    The seamless installation process and lack of persistent maintenance of the AVI Series allows users to save money on installation costs while also saving time to focus on their research rather than their vibration isolation platform.