Herzan Happenings – Summer 2018

This exclusive quarterly newsletter highlights the latest product announcements, application specific solutions, and news about the company. Take a look inside the latest developments at Herzan and see if these new developments can complement your research!

Join Us! Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018

We are excited to meet with researchers at the Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

Stop by Booth 1206 where we will be sharing our latest innovations in the field of environmental control for researchers using electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, scanning tunneling microscopes, and more.

Featured at the booth will be the AVI Series: Herzan’s dynamic active vibration control platform engineered to support microscopes of all shapes and sizes (0 – 15,000 Lbs); and the WaveCatcher, Herzan’s accurate and affordable site survey tool.

Also, there will be some free giveaways at the booth to bring home to family and friends or share with colleagues in the lab!

Big Changes Coming to the WaveCatcher

The WaveCatcher continues to improve by receiving new hardware and software features most heavily requested by its users. These upgrades are designed to elevate the usability of the WaveCatcher and expand its overall feature set.

Today, we are excited to announce the WaveCatcher can be used as a data logger, while being protected in a newly designed carrying case. Read below to learn more about these upgrades.

New Software Module: Data Logging

Capturing measurement data over long periods of time is one of the most requested features from existing WaveCatcher customers. We are happy to finally make this feature available to customers wanting to perform time-based measurements over extended periods of time, which allows them to better understand unique events occurring throughout the day. This measurement feature accompanies the existing capabilities of the WaveCatcher, where customers can take quick and precise measurements with a push of a button.

The data logging feature allows researchers to collect measurement data over a 24 hour period, with dynamic data review in five minute segments. This data is saved to an Oracle database downloaded locally to the computer, allowing data to be captured and recalled quickly.The Data Logging feature can be included with new or existing WaveCatcher kits with Version 3.0 or later of the WaveCatcher software. For a limited time, new and existing customers can take advantage of the introductory discount available for the data logging system, saving $1,000 on the upgrade.

Data Logging Upgrade Module

Upgraded Carrying Case

Updated Carrying Case

The carrying case for the WaveCatcher has always been designed with three fundamental ideas in mind: be compact, secure, and easy to transport while on the go. The new WaveCatcher carrying case improves on these core tenets, utilizing reinforced molded plastic and a custom dense foam, allowing for even greater security, mobility, and size optimization. This case is available today and will accompany any new WaveCatcher sold.

Customers can take advantage of Herzan’s Summer Sale, where they can save up to $2,500 on any WaveCatcher kit.