Discover How SEM/TEM Users Improve Their Research by Controlling Environmental Noise

Environmental noise contributes to a loss in time, efficiency, and capability for electron microscopes. These issues are common as the technology of electron microscopes improves so does its requirement for precision, leaving researchers even more susceptible to local environmental noise.

Herzan’s environmental control solutions are specifically designed to support SEMs and TEMs suffering from vibration, acoustic, and EMI noise issues, allowing researchers to maximize data quality and save time performing measurements.

Remove Vibration Noise

SEMs and TEMs require low-frequency vibration isolation to achieve optimal measurement results. The AVI Series is Herzan’s solution to provide active vibration control starting at 0.5 Hz.

Isolate Acoustic Noise

Herzan’s EM acoustic enclosures are designed precisely for SEMs and TEMs, utilizing variable density sound isolation materials to allow them to operate in noisy lab or production environments.


Cancel AC/DC Fields

Magnetic fields are a pervasive issue for SEMs and TEMs, creating imaging defects from local lab equipment. The Spicer System distributed by Herzan significantly reduces both AC/DC Fields.

Need Help Measuring Environmental Noise?

Herzan’s WaveCatcher survey tool helps researchers measure the environmental noise in the lab.