Herzan’s products evolve over time to adapt to modern research needs. These changes are motivated by researcher feedback, enabling the Herzan Team to discover changes best suited to improve the performance, accessibility, and reliability of products.The latest entries showcase recent improvements Herzan’s most popular products, including the AVI Series active vibration control platforms, AEK acoustic enclosures, and SEM acoustic enclosures.

Stacking Two AVI Platforms Offers 75dB Reduction

Measured Benefit of Double-Stacking Active Vibration Control Platforms

While the AVI Series currently provides industry-leading low-frequency vibration control, the R&D team at Table Stable demonstrated the incredible benefit of stacking active isolation systems, showing the dramatic difference in vibration control peformance between passive, active, and a double-stacked active isolation systems.

Further improvement to the performance of a standard or double-stacked active isolation system can be seen when adding an LFS System, which improves the low-frequency isolation performance of any AVI Platform.

Depicted to the right:

  • Blue (Passive): AVI-200 with Active Isolation Disabled
  • Yellow (Active): AVI-200 with Active Isolation Enabled
  • Red (Double-Stacked Active): AVI-200 placed on top of an existing AVI-200 and top plate; both having Active Isolation Enabled

Upgraded Cable Clamps Reduce Sound Entering Herzan Enclosures

There are many different cable port inserts to choose from when optimizing the enclosure for your research application.

Herzan acoustic enclosures are designed to maximize accessibility for the researcher , while minimizing incoming acoustic noise and airflow. Due to the diverse projects supported over the years, upgrades have been introduced to support these three design goals.

The most recent upgrade improves how customers port cables out of the enclosure, which can now be tailored to the cable diameter and quantity used for each instrument. This new approach ensures researchers can securely install their instrument inside a Herzan enclosure, while not being impeded by airflow or local noise.

Keeping Temperatures Stable for SEMs In Herzan SEM Enclosures

This diagram visualizes how the heat dissipation system integrates within a Herzan SEM Enclosure and the surrounding lab environment

With the advancement of electron microscopes, sensitivity to acoustic noise becomes more prevalent, often requiring an acoustic enclosure to insulate from ambient lab noise. When enclosing an electron microscope inside an acoustic enclosure, managing internal temperatures is key to prevent the detrimental effects of thermal drift.

Herzan’s dynamic solution for heat dissipation is designed to maximize he heat exhausting from the acoustic enclosure, while minimizing the air circulating inside the enclosure and noise entering the enclosure.