Why Researchers Partner with Herzan

For over 28 years, Herzan has helped researchers remove disruptive environmental noise from their measurements, focusing on higWhy Researchers Partner With Herzanh-performance, uncompromising solutions to achieve the lowest noise floor possible.Researchers across many applications have partnered with Herzan to remove noise from their measurements, including:

Discover Why Researchers Around the World Partner with Herzan to Advance their Research

Research Grade Technologies

Herzan’s catalog of environmental solutions were designed to focus on three critical areas:

  • Unmatched Isolation Performance
  • Application-Tailored Design
  • Premium Quality

Customized Design Solutions

Herzan’s Engineering Team works closely with researchers and instrument manufacturers to customize standard products or design completely unique solutions based on individualized research requirements. Herzan’s engineering team supplies an array of resources for users to feel confident they are receiving the exact, uncompromising solution to meet their research requirements, including:

Immediate and Local Support

Herzan’s support team in California and representative team throughout the US can be instantly accessed to answer any questions or discuss new customer projects instantly, giving researchers immediate support to their inquiries.

Herzan partners with experienced professionals in the field of environmental control, offering local support and technical services for researchers around the world across diverse applications.

Each sales professional has been extensively trained to understand the complexities of customer applications and intricacies of Herzan’s products, to deliver the most accurate recommendation possible for each customer.