SC28 Monitoring Software

NEW – SC28 Monitoring System

Herzan is excited to announce the latest release from Spicer Consulting: the SC28 monitoring system. The SC28 enables long-term, uninterrupted monitoring of magnetic fields, vibrations, and acoustic noise – as well as temperature and humidity – within the lab and semiconductor fab. This system is intentionally-designed to monitor the environment for electron beam instruments, including Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM), Electron Beam Lithography tools, and SEM-based metrology and inspection tools

SC28 System With All Sensors and Hardware

What’s In the Box

The SC28 utilizes high-performance sensors and monitoring hardware to deliver a clear and comprehensive understanding of the environment being measured. 

  • Monitoring System: SC28/SI
  • AC/DC Sensors: Sensor SC24/DC+AC and Sensor SC11/AC
  • Acoustic Microphone: Brüel & Kjær 4190 microphone
  • Vibration Sensors: Wilcoxon 731A accelerometers (three)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor: Sensor SC28/TH

SC28 Monitoring System Fully Assembled

Unique Monitoring Features

  • Purposefully Designed: Long term environmental monitoring for electron beam instruments
  • Complete Environmental Monitoring: continuously measure magnetic fields, floor vibration (X, Y, and Z), acoustic levels at 2kHz, and temperature/humidity at 1Hz or below
  • Completely Visual: up to 14 different graphs may be displayed simultaneously
  • Comprehensive Acquisition: Acquires sensor data and logs spectra and charts to date-stamped files
  • Self Sufficient: can run without user interface open