Building A Future with Customers, Technology, and User Experience at the Center

Herzan is excited to announce that Tabatha Jacobson, Scott Weinhardt, and Reid Whitney will be leading the next generation of Herzan after acquiring the company from Herzan’s founder, Ann Scanlan. 

Tabatha, Scott, and Reid are focused on continuing the successful legacy created by Ann and appreciate her commitment to supporting Herzan as a technical engineering resource during this time. Ann’s active and ongoing support will ensure continuity for technical capabilities and product proficiency. Herzan will continue to help customers solve difficult research problems brought on by disruptive environmental noise, utilizing its own engineering efforts and long-standing partnerships with Table Stable (manufacturer of the AVI/TS Series) and Spicer Consulting (manufacturer of the SC-22/24 Series).

Tabatha, Scott, and Reid shared what this change meant for them, the company, and most importantly the customers they serve.

“I am excited for this endeavor and know our team will continue providing researchers superior customer service and solutions for their vibration, acoustic, and EMI challenges. If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that Herzan has a great team capable of overcoming challenges, while remaining committed to helping our customers and partners succeed.”

Tabatha Jacobson, Operations Manager

“I’ve had an amazing experience working at Herzan the last few years as an electromechanical engineer with Ann guiding me into the world of environmental isolation. I am excited for the opportunity to lead our team’s research and development; continuing the tradition to improve existing designs and develop new products to best serve the needs of our customers. We will continue to support a custom/customer-based design methodology, allowing us to create unique solutions for the toughest environmental issues across many industries.”

Scott Weinhardt, Director of Engineering

“I feel fortunate to have celebrated my 10th year with Herzan in 2021, which allowed me to reflect on the incredible accomplishments by our team and remarkable applications of our customers. Herzan’s next 10 years will be defined by our commitment to helping customers achieve their research goals, no matter how complex or customized. Our sole focus in leading Herzan forward will be removing the barriers disrupting researchers’ progress; which is made possible by our innovative approach towards product design, unwavering customer support, and the incredible partnerships made with technological leaders like Table Stable and Spicer Consulting.”

Reid Whitney, President