AVI Series Versus the Competition

AVI Series vibration control platforms provide performance, functionality, and reliability that is unrivaled in the industry today, which is why thousands of researchers around the world have trusted Herzan to remove vibration noise from their measurements.  Discover why researchers choose the AVI Series over competing solutions and how its unique features delivers the best overall experience for any vibration control platform

1. Unmatched Vibration Control Performance

AVI Platforms provide the highest vibration reduction of any platform on the market (up to 50 dB), isolating vibrations at the lowest starting frequency (0.5 Hz). Competing solutions cannot match the level of reduction delivered and often amplify vibrations at the starting frequency for AVI Platforms, contributing to why researchers trust the AVI Series to help their microscope meet environmental specification.

2. Decentralized Heat Load and EMI Noise

AVI Platforms are the lowest-power active vibration control systems on the market, generating 9 – 27W for a two isolator system. Competing solutions can generate up to 600W, which creates thermal drift and EMI noise issues when platforms and microscopes are positioned in tight spaces or enclosures.

AVI Platforms have the additional benefit of incorporating an external controller for the electrical components, allowing the minimal heat and EMI noise generated to be far away from the microscope (not available in most competing solutions).

3. Legacy of Results and Reliability 

AVI platforms have evolved from the first active vibration control platform created by John Sandercock of Table Stable in 1976. Since their inception, AVI platforms have continued to innovate its features and maintain its reliability, resulting in thousands of platforms supporting microscopes in the field today.

4. Low-Profile Design 

AVI Platforms offer the lowest profile of any platform designed for larger microscopes (SEMs/TEMs), with competing solutions increasing the profile of the microscope by upwards of 8 inches. Due to its modular and scalable design, AVI Platforms can support many large microscopes by the underlying frame, increasing the profile of the microscope by 2 inches or less.

5. Modular and Scalable Configuration

AVI platforms support microscopes of any size and load capacity due to their modular and scalable design. Competing solutions are often static designs that do not account for the individual requirements of the microscope, becoming oversized for the microscope being supported, extending the overall footprint, and consuming valuable space within the lab.