Electron Microscopy

SEM + AVI Series

The Zewail Group operating a Quanta FEG 650 interfaced with a custom optical set-up to enable ultrafast electron microscopy imaging. Feeding laser into SEM chamber requires positional stability within a few micrometers, so SEM internal air isolation was not in use. Vibration levels Continue reading Electron Microscopy

In-Vitro Fertilization

IVF + TS Series

Fertility Research Associates needed an isolation system to reduce the environmental vibrations affecting their intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) process. They chose the TS system based on the recommendation of a colleague who had previous experience. The TS immediately Continue reading In-Vitro Fertilization

Surface Analysis

UHV STM + AVI Series

Researchers at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Newcastle University were facing limitations in the performance of their Omicron Variable Temperature UHV-STM.  They had determined that vibrations from a nearby highway were preventing them from using the instrument Continue reading Surface Analysis


Bio Applications + TS Series

The Heinrich Lab built a custom force probe to investigate the adhesive properties and other mechanical characteristics of biomolecules to further their cutting-edge bioengineering research. They soon found that environmental noise was limiting the Continue reading Bioengineering

Ion Current Measurement

SICM + AVI Series

There are three instrumentation setups in the Baker Group that make use of the AVI-200 active vibration isolation system. Our studies are mainly focused on scanned probe microscopy, where is a nanopipette filled with electrolyte is used to either map the local ion current of a given sample or to obtain a Continue reading Ion Current Measurement


MEMS + TS Series

The Turner Group is using interferometry to measure the deflection on an AFM probe. The instrument is being used to investigate adhesion and surface properties of nanoscale materials for MEMS applications. Despite being placed on an air-based isolation table, the instrument’s measurements Continue reading MEMS