Big WaveCatcher Update

WaveCatcher Site Survey Tool

Herzan continues to refine and upgrade it’s compact and complete site survey tool: the WaveCatcher. The latest WaveCatcher update showcases how Herzan’s team utilizes user feedback and in-field reports to optimize the user experience and bring heavily requested features to the platform.

Herzan continues to develop new features, as well as improve existing user experiences, so WaveCatcher users can confidently and quickly capture data for their research purposes. The following features have been added to the WaveCatcher in Version 3.6.

The Latest Release: Version 3.6

The latest version of the WaveCatcher software brings important changes and refinements to improve the user experience. WaveCatcher users who subscribe to the WaveCatcher’s Annual Support Plan are eligible to receive Version 3.6 for free, which includes:

Improvements to 1/3 Octave

  • One-third octave plot and cursor colors now match other measurement graphs.
  • A raw resolution data file is saved for 1/3 octave analysis even when a test is taken using fixed resolution.
  • Loading data with fixed resolution no longer reworks 1/3 octave measurements.

Calibration Improvements

  • Users can now easily associate new WaveCatcher ADC hardware to their existing WaveCatcher software.
  • Reminders are now prompted within the WaveCatcher software to remind users when calibration is recommended for the WaveCatcher ADC.

Error Logging

  • Errors experienced when using the WaveCatcher software are now logged to the disk file for further analysis by Herzan technicians.

Plus many software refinements to improve the overall user experience! Herzan plans to continue releasing new versions of the WaveCatcher software that take advantage of customer feedback and real world

Quick Guide Videos

WaveCatcher users can now view Quick Guide videos by accessing the Help section within the WaveCatcher software, prompting a link to the relevant video on Herzan’s YouTube page.


Calibration Recommendations

WaveCatcher ADC Calibration Hardware

With the release of Version 3.6, WaveCatcher users will be prompted to calibrate sensors and WaveCatcher hardware on a recommended schedule. This schedule ensures WaveCatcher users are operating with the most precise equipment possible, maximizing the accuracy of measurements performed. All Herzan calibration procedures utilize NIST-Traceable hardware and fully documented test procedures to ensure consistency, reliability, and accuracy of calibration results.

In general, the sensors and WaveCatcher hardware should be calibrated on the following schedule:

  • Acoustic Microphones: every year
  • Vibration Sensors: every year for single-axis vibration sensor
  • Magnetic Field Sensors: every two years
  • WaveCatcher ADC Hardware: every year

Contact Herzan today if your sensors or ADC hardware are out of calibration and we will be happy to assist further.