Herzan has partnered with researchers around the world to highlight their success in eliminating disruptive environmental noise from their measurements by using a Herzan environmental control solution.The latest entries showcase customers from across a wide research spectrum resolving troublesome noise issues from their microscopes.

Surface Roughness Measurements + TS Series

Researchers at Essilor USA observed a substantial amount of vibration noise limiting their Keyence VK-X250 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope. The resulting vibration noise affected their surface roughness measurements, resulting in inaccurate results.

To combat these issues, Essilor worked with Herzan to discover the best solution for their instrument given the severity of their environment: the TS-140 active vibration control table.

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3D Nano-Maufacturing + TS Series

The Nano-Bio Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas saw vibration noise not being isolated by their optical table for their 3D Nano-Manufacturing instrument.

As a result, they turned to the TS-150 vibration isolation table as a solution to help remove the low-frequency vibration noise from de-stabilizing their micropipette.

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Electrophysiology + TS Series

Damselflies were the subjects of this study using custom electrophysiology instruments

A consortium of researchers aimed to understand binocular encoding within the Damselfly Pre-motor Target Tracking Systems.

Paloma Bellido of the University of Minnesota worked with Herzan to remove vibration noise from the electrophysiology testing setup created using the TS-150. Ultimately, the testing setup helped record intracellularly from neurons in damselflies.

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